Skeptical? Good. You should be.
Order a bag and see for yourself.

You love coffee but it doesn’t love you back.  We hear that a lot.  Turns out a large percentage of us experience upper GI distress when we drink coffee.  Heartburn, acid-reflux, GERD, or “sour stomach” have all but convinced some to give up their morning cup altogether.  This will not do.

What do we mean when we say “low-acid”?  It’s a fair question.  You don’t have to look too long to find coffee roasters trying to make their coffees Ph neutral by adding egg shell or other additives.  Here’s the thing.  Ph levels have nothing whatsoever to do with why most of us are getting a stomach ache.  Nothing.

When we say “low acid”, we mean low in the acids that can give us an upset stomach.  A prominent professor at the UC Davis Coffee Center has published a study on why coffees can cause stomach problems.  His study on a specific type of acid in coffee and how it affects the human anatomy definitively found that one specific acid, CQA, caused upper GI distress (heartburn, acid-reflux, GERD) in coffee drinkers as well as contributed to the bitterness in coffee.

Independent analysis confirms that the levels of CQA in our 100% Organic Coffees are much lower than those found in comparable drum roasted coffees.  Magnitudes lower.  How do we do that?  Simple.  We don’t drum roast coffees.  Rather, our patented state of the art convection coffee roaster produces our low-acid Organic Coffees consistently, quickly, and using less energy than a comparably sized drum roaster.  Best of all, it keeps the levels of CQA in coffee in check.  The end result is a deliciously smooth cup that won’t upset your stomach.

Skeptical?  Good.  You should be.  Get a bag.  See for yourself.

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