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Medium/Dark Roast; rich and complex. If you know someone who drinks decaf, they will love you for introducing them to this coffee. Bella Rosa uses Organic and Fair Trade Central American water processed coffee beans to create a decaf that is 99.9% caffeine free! Simply a great cup of coffee.


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Rare is the Decaf that doesn’t taste like one.  Our experience with decaffeinated coffees has taught us a couple of things.  First, and most important, mediocre beans make a mediocre decaf.  When selecting coffees for our Decaf coffee we don’t sample decafs.  We sample excellent tasting fully caffeinated coffees and when we find something special, we send it out for decaffeination.  Our decafs are 100% Organic and Water Processed.  No chemicals are ever used in the decaffeination process.  The result?  A 100% organic decaf coffee that is 99.8% caffeine free.  Do yourself a favor.  Try this decaf.

2 reviews for Decaffeinated

  1. Cindy Belin

    This is by far the best decaffeinated coffee I have ever drank in my life! I am definitely going to re-order! Thank you so much! If you order this you will not be disappointed. The way it’s packaged keeps it fresh, and the flavor is so rich and smooth.

  2. Maryann Nicholson (verified owner)

    This is not your ordinary decaf! Lovely rich flavor and low acid brew that really
    works. Pay attention to how this coffee is
    roasted,it makes all the difference. I will be a steady customer!

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